How to Join HSVOC

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to any accepted person who has an eligible vehicle which:

• Is a Brock built HDT modified vehicle that bears or is eligible to bear a HDT number.
• Is a VL SS Group A Commodores.
• Is any HSV vehicle bearing an HSV build number.

Full membership is granted once the application form has been accepted by the committee and the membership fees are paid. All members are expected to act in the best interests of the club, agree to comply with club rules and abide by the decisions and directions of the committee and event organisers.

Membership Fees

Membership rates are:

  • An initial joining fee of $10
  • An annual membership fee of $100.
  • NB: The family of a member (a spouse and the member’s dependent children under the age of 18) can have joint membership with only one membership fee required. Voting rights are limited to ONE VOTE only in the case of joint membership.

Application Form & Governance Documents

There are links on this page to download:

  • The club membership application form
  • The HSVOC Constitution
  • The HSVOC Social Media Policy
  • The HSVOC Code of Conduct

By applying for membership, you are agreeing to all club rules and behaviours set out in the HSVOC Constitution, the HSVOC Code of Conduct and the HSVOC Social Media Policy.

Application Form & Governance Documents

HSVOC Membership Contacts