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Membership is open to those who own any Brock built HDT modified vehicle that bears or is eligible to bear a HDT number. Also included are VL SS Group A Commodores and all HSV vehicles bearing an HSV build number (Commodores and Statesmans). Members are expected to act in the best interests of the club and abide by the decisions and directions of the committee and event organisers.

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Member Benefits

Apparel and Merchandise

HSV Owners Club members have special VIP access to member-only clothing and merchandise directly from the Club.

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Club Magazine
Torque 'n' 8's
- the monthly HSV Owners Club magazine

The HSV Owners Club of Victoria club magazine Torque 'n' 8s is printed and mailed to all its club members every month. The magazine is a centrepoint for info, stories and general news.

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Becoming a Member

Download an application form to become a member of the HSV Owners Club. On receipt of your application and payment, we will then forward to you your membership card, sticker and key ring.



Download Application Form

HSVOC Constitution or Model Rules

All information on the application form is confidential. We require all vehicle VIN, engine and build so any authenticity check can be run on the car. If your vehicle is an HDT, we require a body number also. This information can be found on the silver plates on the firewall under the bonnet of your vehicle.

Payments by cheque or money order can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the form. If paying by credit card and have access to a fax, please feel free to fax your application direct to the fax number on the application form. This will ensure fast processing of your application.

We look forward to receiving your application soon.



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Club Sponsors

Resources for HSV Owners

Take a look at some of our sponsors, suppliers and other useful resources for HSV owners!